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The Problem


It's estimated that 544,000 gallons of grease slip down seattle's drains each month, enough to fill seven large swimming pools. most of it comes from dirty dishes and food waste, 
and it's a problem.

Pipes without solids separator


The results inside commercial kitchen pipes without a solids separator. Do you have a plumber on the payroll ?

Integrated solids separator (Side View of the Device)


Filters out 90 to 95% of solids that typically flow into drainage infrastructures. 


Reduces the load of solid matter into the drain pipes and municipal treatment plants.Reduces the frequency of grease interceptors pump outs. Reduces the odours created by grease interceptors.

Filtered out solid waste

Quantity of solid matter filtered out of a commercial kitchen at the end of a day. ‘’Imagine a whole year for thousands of restaurants’’.

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Video Tutorials 
Compliance with municipal mandates to control fats, oils and grease.


Restaurant Fats Oils and Greases (FOG) - Best Management Practices (BMP).


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